Project #1593

Irrigation of Parks, Playgrounds, and Schoolyards with Reclaimed Water: Extent and Safety

Principal Investigator
Watereuse Association
Customer Relations & Stakeholder Engagement


While there have been no reported adverse health effects to children or others resulting from reclaimed water use at any of park, playground, or schoolyard sites, public concerns over the safety of the practice occasionally arise. A few projects have been delayed or modified due to opposition by small groups of concerned citizens. Most of the health concerns that arise revolve around the potential for disease transmission to children from microbial pathogens, although concern over potential hazards presented by low levels of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals has recently surfaced. Many of the concerns are unfounded and often are based on a lack of information, misinformation, or a general psychologically-based fear factor that the use of treated wastewater for landscape irrigation is inherently unsafe. The project promotes public acceptance of water reuse.

Originally funded as WERF project Reuse-04-06.