Project #4790

Improving Water Reuse for a Healthier Potomac Watershed

Research Manager
Ms. Lola Olabode
Water Quality
Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs)
Reuse: Agricultural


The presence of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) is of increasing concern in waterways worldwide. The occurrence of intersex fish in the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay is believed to be a result of estrogenic EDC pollution in the Potomac River Watershed. The objectives of this study were to determine the ecological and human health benefits associated with improving reuse in the Potomac River Watershed. This research presents a comprehensive dataset of conventional and emerging pollutant concentrations throughout the Potomac and demonstrates the effectiveness of sector-specific best management practices for nutrient and constituent of emerging concern co-management. Research partner: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Published in 2020.