Project #4847

2020 Update: Agricultural Best Management Practices Database

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Harry Zhang, PhD, PE
Wright Water Engineers, Inc.
Water Quality
Groundwater Management & Protection
Reuse: Agricultural


The Agricultural Best Manament Practices Database (AgBMPDB) provides a decision support tool for analyzing BMP effectiveness and can be used to set realistic expectations for producers, researchers, and watershed managers for practical and achievable water quality goals based on scientific data. The AgBMPDB provides a framework for identifying and storing both water quality and metadata needed to improve the understanding of agricultural BMP performance. The third release of the AgBMPDB in 2019 expanded on the initial releases by adding an additional 23 studies with over 87 study areas, bringing the number of study areas to 432 in 24 states in the United States, along with over a dozen studies in Canada. The AgBMPDB is a new component of a larger overall effort known as the International Stormwater BMP Database that also includes performance information of urban and stream restoration BMPs ( Published in 2020.

Originally funded as WERF project SIWM18R16. This webpage also contains reports for projects SIWM14T16/15T16 and STAR_N6R14.