Project #3176

Evaluation of Computational Fluid Dynamics for Modeling UV-Initiated Advanced Oxidation Processes

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mrs. Alice E Fulmer
North Carolina State University
Advanced Treatment


Develops and validates a dynamic advanced oxidation CFD model that can be applied to the complex kinetic pathways for the degradation of various water supply contaminants. Incorporates hydrodynamic turbulence models, fluence rate distribution models, and chemical reaction mechanisms and evaluates the sensitivity of the models to each of these components. Utilizes CFD models to quantify the effects of hydrodynamics and lamp configurations on the degradation of contaminants using direct photolysis and the UV-hydrogen peroxide advanced oxidation process (AOP). Presents a detailed design protocol that provides water professionals with a road map for cost effective evaluation and design of drinking water UV/AOP systems. Published in 2011.