Project #1401

Energy Recovery from Thermal Oxidation of Wastewater Solids - State of the Science Review

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Lauren Fillmore M.S.
Black & Veatch
Energy Optimization
Resource Recovery


Understanding the role energy recovery from solids through thermal oxidation could perform is an important factor in determining how water resource recovery facilities can reduce operating costs and achieve sustainability objectives. This research effort entailed a state-of-science review of energy recovery from thermal oxidation of wastewater solids. The final report summarizes the findings from that review and documents the potential recoverable energy from wastewater solids and residuals, and includes a TBL lifecycle assessment comparing thermal oxidation of wastewater solids with coal and a state-of-technology review of the different systems available for recovering energy from incinerators. Published by WE&RF. 104 pages. Online PDF. (2017)

Originally funded as WERF project ENER13T14.