Project #4454

Electricity Use and Management in the Municipal Water Supply and Wastewater Industries

Research Manager
Linda J Reekie
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)


This project updated the 1996 EPRI report, "Water and Wastewater Industries: Characteristics and Energy Management Opportunities" (CR-106941), with current information available in the public domain to reflect the significant changes that occurred over the past 15 years. The report is designed to provide electric utility planning and marketing staff and water and wastewater treatment plant management with a practical tool to: (1) understand the water and wastewater industries and the challenges they face; (2) understand the various operations and processes used in water and wastewater treatment and how electric energy is used in different plant configurations; (3) identify and characterize opportunities for improving energy efficiency and load management, promoting demand response, recovering and generating energy, and encouraging electrotechnologies that will benefit both the water and wastewater treatment facilities and the electric utilities; and (4) help develop energy management plans to realize such opportunities. Research partner: EPRI.