Project #4154

Effects of Climate Change on Water Utility Planning Criteria and Design Standards

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Susan Turnquist Ph.D., MPA
Climate Change
Utility Management


Evaluates current water utility planning criteria and design standards for their effectiveness in equipping utility facilities with the features needed to adapt effectively to future climate conditions, with the purpose of assisting water utilities in the engineering of new facilities. Builds on the previous WRF study, Climate Change and Water Resources: A Primer for Municipal Water Providers (Order 91120), and focuses on the western U.S. coastal climate variations and how utilities can modify existing planning criteria and design standards to provide the flexibility to deal effectively with the wide range of climate uncertainty predicted. Tailored collaboration partners: Contra Costa Water District, Seattle Public Utilities, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and San Diego County Water Authority. Published in 2010.