Project #1748

Drivers, Hindrances, Planning and Benefits Quantification: Economic Pathways and Partners for Water Reuse and Stormwater Harvesting

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mrs. Christine H. Radke, PMP
Reuse: Indirect Potable
Integrated Planning & Water Management
Reuse: Direct Potable


This report focuses on the drivers, hindrances, and planning of water reuse projects and reports on how utilities that have and have not built reuse projects see them differently. Additionally, since economic feasibility is often a concern, it details the many potential benefits of water reuse projects, how to quantify them, and how to include them in relevant planning processes. An Excel-based planning tool (Water Reuse FirstSteps) can help utilities realize how water reuse can be feasible for them. Using six key questions, it can help utilities learn about water reuse resources and determine whether the utility could benefit from reuse. The key questions establish the minimum criteria for a utility being able to plan a water reuse project. Published by WE&RF. 144 pages. Online PDF. (2017)

Originally funded as WERF project SIWM8R14.