Project #1351

Development of Diagnostic Tools for Trace Organic Compounds and Multiple Stressors

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Lola Olabode
Tetra Tech, Inc.


This report presents a preliminary screening process and ecological diagnostic approaches that could be used to help prioritize and evaluate treated wastewater-influenced sites that may be most at risk from trace organic compounds (TOrC). It builds on the TOrC prioritization research completed earlier in this project and demonstrates how current diagnostic approaches used in the U.S. and Canada could be extended to evaluate potential risks due to TOrCs. The screening approach focuses on wastewater discharge sources and is a first step toward developing an effective screening tool . A web-based database application ( was developed to help end users search and evaluate TOrC data collected by organizations in the U.S. and to assist in screening and diagnosing TOrCs risks. Published by WERF. 140 pages. Online PDF. (2010)

Originally funded as WERF project CEC5R08b.