Project #1350

Diagnostic Tools to Evaluate Impacts of Trace Organic Compounds: Prioritization Framework for Trace Organic Compounds

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Lola Olabode
Tetra Tech, Inc.


This report presents a preliminary screening process and ecological diagnostic approaches that could be used to help prioritize and evaluate treated wastewater-influenced sites that may be most at risk from trace organics exposure. Identifying or predicting ecological effects of trace organics in typical aquatic systems is challenging, requiring a variety of tools that can diagnose effects at multiple scales of ecological organization. Development of a prioritization process is the goal of task 1 of this research and focus of this report. The prioritization approaches presented will be useful to a utility or locality in helping them organize, reduce, and manage the process of screening trace organics. Published by WERF. 60 pages. Online PDF with supporting Excel files - an occurrence database, prioritization ranking by compounds, and fate data. (2010)

Originally funded as WERF project CEC5R08a.