Project #2743

Development and Implementation of Random-Walk Particle Tracking Analysis of Water Supply Intakes on Rivers and Lakes: A Case Study of St. Clair - Detroit River Waterway

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Christopher J Rayburn
US Geological Survey


Develops methodology and enhances existing software to quantitatively assess the vulnerability of water supply intakes on rivers and lakes to discharges from tributaries, combined sewer overflows, and spills. Also provides a basis for identifying how potentially sensitive areas may be impacted by releases from point sources. Provides a case study for applications in other areas. The Foundation did not publish a final report. USGS documented the study in a Water Resources Investigation Report, Particle Tracking Analysis of the Susceptibility of Public Water Intakes to Contamination on the St. Clair-Detroit River Waterway. Tailored Collaboration partner: City of Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept. Published in 2004. Subscribers may order a pamphlet from the Foundation.