Project #4570

Source Catchments as Water Quality Treatment Assets: Industry Best Practices and Triple Bottom Line Cost Evaluation of Catchment Management Practices

Research Manager
Ms. Katie Henderson


This project provides guidance on the key ingredients of a successful catchment management program for water providers, in the context of their specific institutional settings, regulatory requirements, and efficiency and effectiveness criteria.

The research included an examination of how each catchment management water quality treatment asset affects water quality outcomes, as well as how all the elements of catchment management interact and work together to produce effective outcomes at a scale that makes a difference during rainfall events.

This project resulted in several deliverables: 4570A is an in-depth report, 4570B summarizes lessons learned through case studies, and 4570C is a shorter synthesis report. There are also two Excel-based deliverables posted below under Web Tools: the Catchment Investment Assessment Tool and the Source Value Transfer Database. WRF and WSAA would appreciate your feedback on the Catchment Managment Investment Standard, especially how it is being used or how it can be improved. Please send your feedback to Gayathri Jasper at

The Water Research Foundation provided funding to Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) for this project.

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