Project #4619

Developing Water Use Metrics for the Commercial and Institutional Sectors

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Maureen Hodgins
Brendle Group


This project will explore, in a greater level of detail, the current and future structure of and factors affecting water demand in the non-residential sector. The research will focus on the 10 most popular primary categories of customers: lodging, office buildings, schools/colleges, health care facilities, restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, auto services, religious buildings, and nursing homes. The research team will pursue four specific objectives: 1) Implement a defined process (based on findings in WRF #4375) for evaluating commercial/institutional customer water use and developing rate-of-use metrics 2) Estimate water use metrics and set water use benchmarks for select commercial/institutional customer categories 3) Develop a commercial/institutional water use metrics database that can be integrated with an existing resource like the Environmental Protection Agency’s Portfolio Manager 4) Provide guidance for water utility staff on how to use and implement commercial/institutional water use benchmarks