Project #4633

Urban Landscape Water Use Research

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Maureen Hodgins
Arizona State University
Water Demand & Forecasting
Climate Change
Water Use & Efficiency


This project examined regionally specific research on urban landscape water use management strategies for water utilities. A literature review was conducted in order to formulate a preliminary research needs assessment. The project team then hosted two regional interactive workshops to further inform the final analysis. The team also evaluated alternative definitions of the regions that define outdoor water use patterns and program successes, and selected a practically and theoretically satisfying definition of those regions that should be used as the basis for future research. The final report includes the following: 1) an overview of landscape water use research (particularly research that has been peer reviewed) specific to climate regions with high landscape water use, and 2) a workshop and prioritized list of research needs. In addition, a literature review database was created and is available on the Arizona State University Global Sustainability website. Published in 2018.