Project #4176

Developing a Roadmap and Vision for Source Water Protection for U.S. Drinking Water Utilities

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Jennifer I Warner
The Cadmus Group, Inc.
Source Water Protection
Utility Management


Presents a Vision and Roadmap to guide U.S. water utilities and supporting groups with a unified strategy for coherent, consistent, cost-effective, and socially acceptable source water protection programs. Two documents were produced: Developing a Vision and Roadmap for Source Water Protection for U.S. Drinking Water Utilities (4176a) presents a Vision for source water protection and lays out a feasible and focused Roadmap to promote source water protection. The report also describes the state of source water protection in the United States and includes a comprehensive annotated bibliography and many informative case studies. Source Water Protection Vision and Roadmap (4176b) -- The Vision and Roadmap portion of 4176a were extracted and published in this companion document. Both documents are available as a PDF download to the public. 4176b is also available in print to Water Research Foundation subscribers. Published in 2012.