Project #1766

Communication Principles and Practices, Public Perception, and Message Effectiveness

Research Manager
Ms. Lola Olabode
Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs)
Source & Receiving Waters


To further WERF’s goal to provide the methods, tools and data that utility and industry managers need to determine wastewater treatment effectiveness and optimize removal, evaluate potential public health and ecological impacts and support facility design and operations decision and risk communication with stake holders regarding trace organic compounds in treated effluent, receiving waters and in water for reuse, we have produced a series of communication reports, executive summaries and fact sheets. We have bundled them here. The bundle includes a communication report that offers guidance on practical risk communication practices, public perception and message effectiveness; treatability research which measured and predicted wastewater trace organics removal of different physical and chemical properties in each treatment train; and WERF’s most recent series of research reports on diagnostic tools for evaluating trace organics which answers the question of what trace organics are in the final effluent and the related water body sensitivity.

Originally funded as WERF project TOrC Bundle.