Project #4689

Assessing Water Demand Patterns to Improve Sizing of Water Meters and Service Lines

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Jian Zhang, PE, Ph.D.
Water Demand & Forecasting
Asset Management


Oversized water meters are a common problem for utilities across North America, especially in light of the increasing implementation of water conservation and low-water-using plumbing fixtures. Accurately sized water meters increase recurring utility revenue. Meter oversizing frequently results in inaccurate meter registration at low flow regimes and an underreporting of the total volume of water delivered through the meter. This problem becomes exacerbated as meters age and cumulative flow through the meter increases.

This pilot-scale research study sought to improve understanding of peak and off-peak water demand patterns of typical urban water customers (excluding single-family) for the purpose of more accurately and economically sizing water service lines and water meters. Tailored Collaboration Partners: City of Scottsdale Water Resources Department, Denver Water, and Badger Meter, Inc. Published in 2020.