Project #4715

Anticipating Trade-Offs of Using Alternative Water Supplies

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Katie Henderson
Brown and Caldwell
Water Supply Planning


As populations shift and the climate changes, water utilities need to diversify their water supply portfolios to provide long-term reliability, resiliency, and sustainability. Future water demands must increasingly be met with “alternative” sources such as conservation, potable reuse, and stormwater capture.

This project provides guidance to water supply planners to better identify and address the trade-offs of incorporating alternative water supplies into a diverse water supply portfolio for greater reliability. This guidance:

  • Identifies potential alternative water supply strategies to meet future water needs
  • Correlates alternative supply options with corresponding trade-offs related to public health, the environment, existing infrastructure, and communities
  • Summarizes lessons learned and best practices to inform a methodical water supply planning approach that balances the trade-offs of alternative supplies.

Published in 2019.