Project #5207

Establishing a Framework for Integrating Stormwater Capture into Water Supply Planning

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Lyndsey Bloxom
Pacific Institute
Water Supply Planning


Stormwater is an increasingly important water resource and potential new water supply. It is estimated that systematic stormwater capture and use (SCU) could meet more than half of municipal and industrial water needs in the nation’s urban areas, about the same amount of supply achievable through wastewater recycling. Moreover, comparisons of costs of supply augmentation alternatives suggest SCU often is a less expensive source than wastewater recycling, desalination, or new supply development. The research team will focus on SCU for water supply augmentation where a primary objective includes augmenting (or offsetting) use of existing supplies through potable and/or non-potable applications.

The core objective of this project is to develop a pragmatic, actionable research to inform and guide water sector professionals in (1) evaluating the potential value and feasibility of tapping stormwater as a source of supply (within the context of multi-benefit stormwater management); and (2) navigating the complex process of working with other utilities, regulators, elected officials, and relevant stakeholders to move ideas into action.