WRF Technology Scan: Pre-Commercial Emerging Technologies


The Water Research Foundation's Technology Scan webcasts are designed to help you become a Utility of the Future! This webcast focused on pre-commercial emerging technologies.

Technology: Leak Prevention with Acoustic Sensing, University of Technology Sydney
Jaime Valls Miro, Research Scientist

Sydney Water and UTS have deployed a range of acoustic sensors on distribution mains across Sydney Water’s pipeline network. Acoustic signal processing techniques and machine learning approaches have been applied to reliably detect the presence of leak noises, often in the presence of other persistent or transient environmental noises.

UTS Presentation

Technology: Biomimetic Catalyst to Enhance Oxidative Breakdown of Emerging Constituents, Sudoc
Matt Mills, Director of Research & Development

New TAML® catalysts mimic peroxidase enzymes found in living beings to dramatically improve the rate kinetics of oxidative degradation. Publications demonstrate successful degradation to many synthetic and organic compounds, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. This treatment can be a bolt on solution for any treatment train to address constituents of emerging concern.

Sudoc Presentation


Sydney Samples, Innovation Program Manager
David Morroni, Innovation Program Coordinator
The Water Research Foundation