WRF Technology Scan: Monitoring Tools & Digital Solutions


The Water Research Foundation's Technology Scan webcasts are designed to help you become a Utility of the Future! This webcast will focus on monitoring tools & digital solutions.

TechnologyColiMinderOnline Bacterial Analyser, Vienna Water Monitoring Solutions

Wolfgang Vogl, Founder and General Manager

The ColiMinder is a system for rapid, online, fully automatic measurements of bacterial contamination of water, providing results in 15 minutes, used for continuous monitoring of microbiological contamination. It enables process monitoring in all water-related applications, supporting optimization and increases in efficiency and safety of treatment processes and distribution networks.

Technology: ASAP Platform, WaterWebTools

Dennis Trolle, Chief Executive Officer

The ASAP Platform can provide real-time and forecast data for water quality and hydrology—24/7 anywhere in the world! This platform is tailored to help you get key insights and make valuable decisions and optimizations related to hydropower operations, water supply management, emergency responses, environmental conservation, and community outreach.


David Morroni, Innovation Program Coordinator

Sydney Samples, Innovation Program Manager

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