Water Reuse 101 - Expert Voices


Why do we need to identify new sources of drinking water?


What is wastewater?


What does “potable” mean and what is potable reuse?


Isn’t all water reused?


What about conservation?


What is advanced water purification?


Is advanced purified water safe for drinking?


What are the benefits of using purified water for drinking?


What are the protective barriers in the water purification process?


What is the difference between indirect potable reuse and direct potable reuse?


What is groundwater recharge?


Are there places that drink water downstream of other communities?


Is potable reuse an environmentally friendly option?


How would you respond to people who call this is “toilet to tap”?


Where is water purification being explored?


Who regulates recycled water?


How is water quality monitored?


What about chemicals in the water?


Does the advanced water purification process remove pharmaceuticals and personal care products?


Have studies been done to look at the safety of recycled water?


Why can we put it straight into the tap?