Rate Approval Process Communication Strategy and Toolkit

Our nation’s water utilities face a significant financial challenge due to increases in regulatory requirements, a nationwide need to repair and replace aging water systems, a decrease in water sales due to conservation, and economic cycles that limit the ability and willingness to raise rates during economic downturns. This webcast discussed WRF project #4455​, Rate Approval Process Communication Strategy and Toolkit, which provides water professionals with a framework for effective rate communications that can garner support for rate adjustments. Get the rates you need, not the rates you think governing boards will approve! 
The webcast presented an overview of research findings and associated tools to enable utilities to:
  • ​​Develop a long term communication strategy founded in trust and transparency
  • Create an overarching message tied to community values that conveys information and provides consistency
  • Tailor the level of detail to the needs of specific audiences
  • Build trust and understanding by being visible and involved in the community