Quantifying the Potential Benefits of Land Conservation
on Water Supply to Optimize Return on Investments

Jun 9, 2019
Project Update

The project has accomplished the following activities in the first six months:

  • Kick off with WRF Project Advisory Committee
  • RTI completed modifications of the land use inputs and created a draft data set of water use data. Data on withdrawals and discharges for utilities that are members of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) were submitted to those members for review and validation.
  • RTI completed initial hydrologic and sediment calibrations for the watershed.
  • RTI hosted the first TAC meeting on July 27, 2017. The meeting was used to review the following topics:
    • Review land use and related geospatial inputs
    • Review withdrawal and return data inputs
    • Present current condition model calibration results for flow and sediment loading
    • Discuss decisions needed for next steps
  • Future conditions modeling set up: What conditions should be priorities for simulating? What time horizon?
  • What metrics should be used for assessing changes between future and current conditions?
  • Ms. Eddy attended the bi-monthly CWWMG member meeting in Charlotte, NC on August 8, 2017. She gave a half hour presentation on the project status, the updates made to the model data inputs, and decisions on the future simulation scenarios since the TAC meeting.

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