Performance Benchmarking for Effectively Managed Water Utilities

Jun 9, 2019
WRF funded project #4313 to serve its subscribers and the water and wastewater sectors by providing a practical tool to utilities to conduct assessments and strategically develop key organizational attributes to meet specific goals.

This Webcast included three primary topics:

- Background on the project and summary of primary findings and products
- Description of the recommended process for conducting a self-assessment
- Illustration of how to use the benchmarking tool developed for the project to conduct a self-assessment

The background segment of the webcast described how the project team, with the aid of WRF, participating utilities, the Project Advisory Committee, and six industry associations, developed practice areas and performance measures for each of the Ten Attributes of EUM. The recommended process segment will describe recommendations for identifying members of a benchmarking team, and how team members should be engaged to develop a customized self-assessment and score current and target performance. The final segment of the webcast demonstrated how the benchmarking tool developed for this project can be used to efficiently support the self-assessment process.