Paul L. Busch Virtual Award Presentation and Lecture


We celebrated the 2020 Winner of the Paul L. Busch Award, Dr. Shihong Lin of Vanderbilt University. Dr. Lin presented on his proposed research, which will achieve fit-for-purpose water treatment via selective ion and molecular separation using an innovative nanofiltration method called electro-regulated nanofiltration (e-NF). These advanced separation processes can help water utilities desalinate seawater and brackish water, purify contaminated groundwater, and reuse municipal and industrial wastewater. They also make possible the recovery of resources, such as nutrients from wastewater and valuable minerals from industrial wastewater.

In addition to Dr. Lin’s lecture, webcast attendees learned about the legacy of Paul L. Busch and heard testimonials from past awardees.

Dr. Peter Grevatt, CEO, The Water Research Foundation
Lola Olabode, Research Program Manager, The Water Research Foundation

Dr. Shihong Lin, Vanderbilt University

Special Guests & Panelists:
Lisa Busch, Sitka Sound Science Center
Doug Owen, Stantec
Glenn Daigger, One Water Solutions, LLC
David Sedlak, University of California, Berkeley, PLB 2003
Paul Westerhoff, Arizona State University, PLB 2006

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