Occurrence of Microplastics in Water…Size Does Matter!


WRF hosted a webcast called Occurrence of Microplastics in Water….Size Does Matter! Many believe that Microplastics (MPs) may cause significant water quality problems and injure aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. This event will improve your understanding of the occurrence, exposure, fate, transport, and toxicological relevance of microplastics. This webcast provided current insights on this topic, share some key knowledge gaps based on peer-reviewed literature, and present late-breaking information. Attendees will also gain a better understanding of the difference between microplastics and macroplastics, the state of the science of measurement methods, and current removal technologies. The presenters covered the following topics:

  • Recent findings from a WRF white paper, Microplastics in the Aquatic Environment
  • Overview of new collaborative research
  • Current global activities and trends, including case study examples Knowledge gaps and research needs