Multi-faceted Utility Climate Adaptation Strategies and Practices


As Earth’s temperature rises at an unprecedented rate, the water sector will need to adjust to new norms in order to continue providing critical services. Climate change is already altering the patterns of our natural hydrologic cycle, forcing utilities to rethink practices that have traditionally been effective and seek solutions that will meet different, more unpredictable conditions. WRF is at the forefront of a new climate paradigm, offering sound science to help the water sector continue to meet water demand and quality standards, and plan for uncertain times.

As a clearer picture of climate change emerges, evidence suggests that impacts will vary widely by region; however, it is relatively certain that no area will be untouched. Implementing adaptation strategies will be critical as the water sector moves forward. This webcast will focus on four WRF climate adaptation projects that feature utility adaptation strategies and practices, with a focus on flooding, wildfire, drought, and risk mapping.


  • Eric Hersch, PhD, PE, Senior Water Resources Engineer, Stantec
  • Mac Gifford, Water Quality Engineer, Portland Water Bureau
  • Lynn Stevens, Northwest Drinking Water Leader, Brown and Caldwell
  • Keely Brooks, Climate Change Policy Analyst, Southern Nevada Water Authority


  • Harry Zhang, PhD, PE, Research Program Manager, The Water Research Foundation
  • Sydney Samples, Research Program Manager, The Water Research Foundation