Mapping Climate Exposure and Climate Information Needs to Water Utility Business Functions


Are you a utility manager seeking to understand, assess, and incorporate climate-related risks and opportunities into your strategic planning, funding, and investment decisions? Join us for a webcast based on the project Mapping Climate-related Risks and Opportunities to Water Utility Business Functions (5056). This project updated a 2020 framework and guidebook based on real-world insights from Denver Water and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The framework is adaptive and flexible to help water utilities define their focus for a climate-related risk and opportunity assessment, ask key climate questions, map climate impacts relative to mission-critical business functions, and pinpoint risks and opportunities across those business functions. Utilities may utilize the framework and supplemental guidebook to establish a solid foundation to mainstream climate considerations across the enterprise.

Alexis Dufour, PE, Water Resources Engineer, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Laurna Kaatz, Climate Program Director, Denver Water
Emily Wasley, Corporate Climate Risk, Adaptation, and Resilience Practice Leader, WSP USA

Maureen Hodgins, Regional Liaison, The Water Research Foundation