Guidance on Implementing an Effective Water Loss Control Plan

div>WRF hosted a webcast on project 4695, Guidance on Implementing an Effective Water Loss Control Plan which will help water utilities assess their current water loss situation, develop targets for water loss control programs, identify various intervention approaches, estimate costs and benefits of potential interventions, and develop a “roadmap” for preparing a water loss control program. Our presenters discussed the project's tools and methods that users can use to select financial or economic valuation approaches for estimating the costs and benefits of alternative water loss control activities which can be used to assemble financially attractive activities into a multi-faceted, plan that is actionable, cost effective, and defensible for their specific situation. The resulting plan, based on the experience of leading North American water utilities – large and small, can then be aligned with the water utility’s strategic goals, water resource management needs and financial objectives, while reflecting local circumstances. 

div>  div>The Guidance Manual and this webcast will be of interest to water utility executive and department managers charged with managing distribution system water and revenue loss, and regulatory agencies with oversight of water loss auditing and control plans. /div>