Effective Utility Management Benchmarking Tool

Web Tool
Please note that this webtool is an Excel file that contains macros. Utilizing this tool in “view only” mode may allow you to view some of the content, but can prevent full functionality of the tool. Before enabling macros, please ensure you are following your organization’s security protocols. The Water Research Foundation assumes no liability for your use of this tool.
The Water Research Foundation has developed a tool to help water and wastewater utilities evaluate their current and desired levels of performance related to the 10 attributes that were identified in the EPA report, Effective Utility Management: A Primer for Water and Wastewater Utilities (2008). The tool is aligned with the Primer, identifies practice areas used by the water sector to support each attribute, and provides a structured process benchmarking exercise to help water utilities conduct a self-assessment of any or all of the 10 attributes that they want to improve to meet their goals. The tool is accompanied by (1) a recommended approach for a utility to conduct a self-assessment (4313a) and (2) a User’s Guide (PowerPoint presentation) that will help water utilities use the tool.