2020 Technology Scan Webcast: Pyrolysis


LIFT Technology Scan webcasts are designed to help you become a Utility of the Future! This month’s webcast will focus on innovative water technologies related to pyrolysis. The following products and systems were featured during the presentation:  

SulfaCHAR™ – CHAR Technologies
CHAR Technology’s pyrolysis approach uses a non-oxidizing (pyrolytic) process to convert biosolids into biocarbon and/or activated carbons (including SulfaCHAR™). The process treats biosolids onsite, eliminating the need to transport and landfill, greatly reducing the associated costs and GHGs. The other product is syngas, which can be used for onsite energy needs.

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BFT Biosolids to Energy System – BioForceTech Corporation
The BioForceTech plant is designed to combine a low-energy drying process (mediated by bacterial activity) with a system to add value to biosolids (through a pyrolysis process) in order to obtain a plant having an energy-positive balance. BioForceTech’s ultimate objective is to build high-efficiency plants with low capital cost, and limited external fossil fuel.

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Kore Infrastructure – KORE
Kore Infrastructure has developed and demonstrated a proprietary pyrolysis platform that thermally converts biosolids into renewable energy products, including heat, power, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid fuels, and hydrogen. This sustainable biosolids management alternative offers a full circle of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction benefits to water reclamation agencies.

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Presented By:
Valentino Villa, BioForceTech Corporation
Steve Wirtel, KORE
Richard Hum, Char Technologies

Aaron Fisher, PhD, Technology and Innovation Manager, LIFT

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