Project #1366

When to Consider Distributed Systems in an Urban and Surburban Context

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Amit Pramanik
Tetra Tech, Inc.
Decentralized Systems


Communities all over the world increasingly rely on an integration of centralized and decentralized treatment approaches to most effectively deliver economical, flexible, and sustainable water and sewer services. Distributed water management describes integrated planning, design, and management using system infrastructure at various scales based on an equitable approach that considers suitability and sustainability. This research project developed a toolkit to help stakeholders determine where, when, why, and how to use decentralized approaches in urban and suburban areas -- or in areas where users might normally be served by centralized systems. The toolkit includes a "Decentralized Wastewater Stakeholder Decision Model" which can be downloaded below. Other components of the toolkit are accessible from the project web page:

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Originally funded as WERF project DEC3R06.