Project #4416

Water/Wastewater Utilities and Extreme Climate and Weather Events: Case Studies on Community Response, Lessons Learned, Adaptation, and Planning Needs for the Future

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Kenan Ozekin, PhD
Water Environment & Reuse Foundation
Emergency Response & Preparedness
Climate Change
Utility Management


This project consisted of a series of workshops that (1) examined the actions taken by water and wastewater utility practitioners who faced a recent extreme weather and climate-related event and documented their planning and response; (2) determined and recorded lessons learned; (3) documented and analyzed the decision process, including decision makers, organizations involved, and data needed for making decisions when faced with an extreme event; and (4) summarized communication approaches used to inform the public. The final report, published by WERF, consists of the workshop results and a series of case studies highlighting lessons learned and recommended actions. Additionally, the case studies were published separately and are available on this project page under Project Resources/Project Papers. Research partner: WERF.