Project #1371

Sustainable Water Resources Management, Volume 3: Case Studies on a New Water Paradigm

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Jeff C Moeller
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Integrated Planning & Water Management
Water Supply Planning
Asset Management
Customer Relations & Stakeholder Engagement


Communities face new challenges with respect to water resource management. These challenges include increased water demands, climate variability, economic uncertainty, a complex web of regulations and bureaucracy, aging and degrading infrastructure, pollution and impaired water resources, and a broad range of stakeholders with poor understanding of water issues. This study, the third phase of the Sustainable Water Resources Management project, created a platform for communities to overcome these challenges through organizing around and operating under key sustainability principles and practices. The report uses examples and perspectives from two case study communities (Tucson/Pima County, Arizona and Northern Kentucky) to offer real world context. Published by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). 172 pages. Online PDF available from NDWRDCP. (2010)

Originally funded as WERF project DEC6SG06a.