Project #4506

Steering Innovation in Water Utility Finance and Management: A Water Research Foundation Leadership Forum

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Jonathan Cuppett
Utility Management
Risk Assessment


In May 2013, the Water Research Foundation convened a workshop in Denver, Colorado, of over 20 high-level utility managers across North America. The objective of the workshop was to discuss innovation in finance and management strategies in the industry around 10 predicted trends to (a) assess their impact and (b) discuss the risks associated with some of the more prevalent trends. This project produced a number of products including a Workshop Summary Report, 6 strategy bulletins, PowerPoint slides for utility leaders to use for background information and in their own presentations, an Appendix with the pre-forum survey results and strategies for other trends, and a Webcast. The Summary Report is available as the final report below. All the other resources are available on this project page under Project Resources.