Project #1798

Simple and Fast Detection of Escherichia coli in Recreational Waters

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Lola Olabode
Iowa State University
Microbes & Pathogens
Water Quality


This research project sought to develop a low-cost detection technique which could provide information on the presence of E. coli in recreational waters in a short period of time. The research consisted of two main objectives: To develop a test strip for E. coli and to generate a pre-concentration device to improve sensitivity. The research resulted in the development of both of these products which can serve as key resources to transform current recreational water quality monitoring programs, allowing for testing at the point of contamination and results in a couple of hours (< two hours), instead of days. Published by WE&RF. 42 pages. Online PDF. (2017)

Originally funded as WERF project U4R13.