Project #1728

Remaining Asset Life: State of the Art Review

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Walter L Graf, Jr.
EMA, Inc.
Asset Management
Risk Assessment
Utility Management


The objective of this research was to provide a synthesis of knowledge on available methods to estimate "end of life" and "remaining asset life." Drawing on the literature and knowledge of the research team and industry partners, information is presented on the factors that influence the life of the different asset classes involved in the provision of wastewater services. A taxonomy of asset life is given, along with a critical review of the conceptual linkages between risk, asset management, and remaining asset life. Includes a review of techniques used to assess remaining asset life and a detailed state of the art review of modeling tools and approaches. Published by WERF. 186 pages. Soft cover and online PDF. (2009)

Originally funded as WERF project SAM1R06d.