Project #5014

Practical Framework for Water Infrastructure Resilience

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Jian Zhang
Black & Veatch Corporation
Asset Management
Big Data
Risk Assessment
Distribution System Management


Secure and resilient water infrastructure is critical for citizens and the security of the nation. However, the best path to ensuring the security and resilience of this infrastructure is up for debate. There are numerous regulations and guidelines related to resiliency and security, which makes it very daunting for many utilities to choose a path forward. This project will help water utilities better understand the relationships between enterprise risk management, performance and level of service goals, and planning for organizational and infrastructure resilience. The project team will host a workshop, gather case studies, and produce a white paper, all aimed at providing a practical framework to help utilities enhance their resilience posture.

A lessons learned guide and the draft literature review are available below, under Resources.