Project #4459

North American Biofiltration Knowledge Base

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Kenan Ozekin
Carollo Engineers


This project cataloged and summarized the design, operation, and monitoring strategies and experiences of North American biofiltration facilities. The primary project deliverable was a dynamic, user-friendly, Web-based Biofiltration Knowledge Base that aids water utilities in the evaluation of biofiltration as a viable and proven approach for drinking water treatment. The Knowledge Base communicates information and direction to the user about (1) the benefits of biofiltration, (2) mitigating negative impacts, (3) solutions for improving initial design and operations of biofiltration facilities, and (4) opportunities for future research.

In addition to the Knowledge Base, a research report was published in 2016. The appendices from the research report are posted below under Project Papers.

As of November 2020, The Biofiltration Knowledge Base is no longer functional and has been retired. If you have questions, please contact us.