Project #4856

Manure Nutrient & Resource Recovery: Co-Digestion with Low-Cost Ammonia Stripping

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Christine H. Radke
Washington State University
Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)


The objectives of this study are to demonstrate the performance and economic link between co-digestion and low-input (i.e. reduced pH and temperature), ammonia stripping nitrogen recovery, and to reduce ammonia concentrations in, and emissions from, animal and municipal wastewater. Collected nitrogen will be stabilized as ammonia salts either as a single product or blended with bio-solids. Anaerobic digestion performance will be offset by reducing capital/operating costs, and incorporating the operation within a total system approach (i.e. utilizing co-digestion for enhanced biogas as well as ammonia concentration), and producing more-valued bio-fertilizers.

This project is one of the suite of projects funded by the EPA STAR Grant awarded to WRF’s National Center for Resource Recovery and Nutrient Management.

 Originally funded as WERF project STAR_N3R14.