Project #1136

International Stormwater BMP Database: 2016 Summary Statistics

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Harry Zhang, PhD, PE
Wright Water Engineers, Inc.
Water Quality
Green Infrastructure
Microbes & Pathogens


Report provides a summary of BMP performance for total suspended solids, nutrients, metals, and bacteria for the most commonly monitored BMP types available in the 2016 release of the International BMP Database. BMPs include grass strips, bioretention, bioswales, composite/treatment train BMPs, extended detention basins, media filters (mostly sand filters), porous pavement, retention ponds (wet ponds), wetland basins, and wetland channels. Data summaries include basic summary statistics for influent and effluent concentrations, graphical summaries, and hypothesis test results for various pollutant-BMP combinations. The report synthesizes national BMP performance research that can be used for comparative purposes for local BMP studies or to support local planning efforts. Published by WE&RF. 52 pages. Online PDF. (2017)

Originally funded as WERF project 03-SW-1COh.