Project #4450

Impact of Water Quality on Hexavalent Chromium Removal Efficiency and Cost

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mrs. Alice E Fulmer
Water Quality & Treatment Solutions, Inc.


This project significantly expands the understanding of the technical and economic feasibility of hexavalent chromium removal from drinking water supplies. The study (1) identified the impact of water quality conditions on the removal efficiency of hexavalent chromium and total chromium with leading treatment technologies, and (2) developed defensible capital and annual operations and maintenance cost estimates for implementing treatment systems of various sizes that can comply with a range of potential drinking water MCLs. Published in 2014. In addition to the final report, a cost estimation tool was developed to help drinking water systems estimate a range of potential costs to remove Cr(VI) from their water. This cost estimation tool can be found on this project page under Project Resources/Web Tools. Furthermore, Detailed Cost Sheets with comprehensive information on the design, capital, and annual O&M costs for the six treatment alternatives evaluated in the project are available under Project Resources/Project Papers.

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