Project #1114

Identify, Screen and Treat Contaminants to Ensure Wastewater Security

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Dr. Daniel M. Woltering, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
Emergency Response & Preparedness
Risk Assessment


Provides information that will help wastewater utilities determine the potential impact of the evaluated contaminants on human health, treatment plant integrity, and receiving waters. It provides a prioritization framework that can be used to develop contingency plans for the safe operation of their facilities and the environment in the event of a terrorist threat or intentional attack directed at the wastewater utility or that indirectly affects wastewater collection and treatment facilities. Includes information to help utilities address concerns about the efficacy of treatment for a variety of these agents and contains information to help develop or refine treatment that is more effective when little data exists and public health protection is paramount. Published by WERF. 212 pages. Online PDF available only at (2009)

Originally funded as WERF project 03-CTS-2S.