Project #4973

Guidelines for Optimizing Nutrient Removal Plant Performance

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Stephanie Fevig, PE
HDR, Inc.
Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR)


As water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) continue to face nutrient management challenges, there is a need for guidance on the wide range of nutrient control techniques. Through this project, a road map will be developed to assist WRRFs in optimizing nutrient removal to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and reduce nutrient discharges.

The research team will present a comprehensive webcast series to develop nutrient optimization guidelines for operational best practices. Presentations will explore how to optimize nutrient removal to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and reduce nutrient discharges. All webcasts in the series are designed to be interactive with audience participation, and attendees will have access to helpful fact sheets, case studies, optimization guides, and decision trees.


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Nutrient Discharge Permitting and WRRF Optimization


This webcast will provide an overview of regulatory trends in the United States which may require optimization for nutrient removal. Presenters will discuss strategies to comply with regulatory load targets...

Tools to Evaluate Nutrient Optimization in WRRFs


This webcast will cover tools to evaluate nutrient optimization opportunities. Evaluation tools help vet a proposed optimization process/technology and can help support a proposed nutrient optimization approach. Such tools can...

Optimize Nutrient Removal WRRF Operations


The focus of this webcast is on tools and strategies for operators to optimize nutrient removal in WRRFs. “Optimization” includes reducing operational, energy, and chemical costs and improving nutrient removal...

Nutrient Reduction Approaches for Small Systems


This webcast will explain the nutrient regulatory landscape for small systems ( less than 10,000 people or 1 mgd) and will cover tertiary treatment, stand-alone, pre-engineered, and natural systems. Some...

Optimizing Nutrient Removal WRRFs


This webcast will cover optimization strategies for nitrogen and phosphorus removal in nitrifying, conventional nutrient removal, and tertiary nutrient removal processes. Presenters will discuss ammonia, nitrogen, chemical, and biological phosphorus...

Nutrient Reduction from Secondary BOD Removal WRRFs


This presentation will cover strategies to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus discharged from an existing secondary biological oxygen demand-only plant. The discussions will focus on process modifications, limited change within the...

Strategies to reduce O&M Cost in Nutrient Removal WRRFS


The presenters will discuss strategies to reduce O&M costs at nutrient removal facilities,* including metrics for energy and chemical usage. They will also cover strategies to reduce energy and chemical...

Sidestream Management to Optimize WRRF Nutrient Removal

Internal recycles, such as reject water and sidestreams from solids processing WRRFs can impact nutrient removal efficiency as well as create nuisance conditions. Managing these recycles can improve nutrient removal...
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Emerging Technologies for Nutrient Optimization


This webcast will discuss emerging technologies for nutrient optimization of existing facilities, including emerging process developments, equipment, treatment and regulatory strategies, and overall system nutrient control approaches. The webcast will...