Project #1707

Development of an Operation and Maintenance Plan and Training and Certification for Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) Systems

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Justin Mattingly
Hazen and Sawyer
Reuse: Indirect Potable
Reuse: Potable
Utility Management
Reuse: Direct Potable


In order to address the gaps in training, certification, and permitting programs and to support the California DPR initiative, the objective of this project was to develop a standard operations and maintenance plan framework for various DPR treatment processes and to develop a DPR Training and Certification Framework for DPR system operators. The report provides a comprehensive review of operational requirements in the consideration of a DPR facility and provides an operational framework that can be used as a whole, or in part to inform and support operational planning for future DPR, as well as IPR facilities. Published by WE&RF. 283 pages. Online PDF. (2016)

Originally funded as WERF project Reuse-13-13.