Project #1475

Condition Assessment and Renewal for Water and Wastewater Pipes

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Mr. Walter L Graf, Jr.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Asset Management
Condition Assessment


WATERiD is a web-based, interactive, national, database for water infrastructure. It provides a standard platform to facilitate the transfer of useful and valuable knowledge directly to decision makers. The database contains over 300 case studies and technology reviews that were contributed by more than 100 utilities, consulting firms, municipalities, and vendors. Utilities and other practitioners are continually adding new information, making this a living database/knowledge center. WATERiD includes primary information about individual condition assessment, subsurface utility engineering, renewal technology cost and performance, and case studies for real-world applications. It offers users multiple options for searching within the database. WATERiD also includes lists of vendors, consultants, and contractors available for a particular technology on a regional basis.

WateriD can be accessed from the WATERiD website

Originally funded as WERF project INFR9SG09.