Project #4915

Characterization and Contamination Testing of Source Separated Organic Feedstocks and Slurries for Co-Digestion at Resource Recovery Facilities

In Progress
Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Stephanie Fevig, PE
Carollo Engineers
Resource Recovery


A key challenge with source separated organic (SSO) feedstock co-substrate is that its composition, quality, and characteristics differ between geographical locations and can change over time. This causes challenges and uncertainties for pre-treaters, substrate brokers, facilities accepting this material, operators, engineers, and regulators. This project addresses these challenges by establishing guidelines for characterizing SSO feedstocks; standardizing sampling protocols for rapid and comprehensive monitoring of feedstocks; and developing recommendations for minimum feedstock quality requirements. In addition, the research team will host a workshop to focus on developing relevant terminology, analytical metrics, and characteristics of high strength feedstock in North America.