Project #4237

Best Management Practices for the Maintenance of Water Distribution Assets

Principal Investigator
Research Manager
Ms. Maureen Hodgins
EMA, Inc.
Asset Management
Condition Assessment
Risk Assessment
Distribution System Management


This project comprehensively evaluated maintenance practices for water distribution system assets and suggested Best Management Practices for achieving improved levels of service. The research built on recent information about asset management, maintenance, and optimization of operations and discussed how maintenance strategies and practices relate to asset management issues such as risk, criticality, life-cycle costs, condition assessment, capital re-investment, and achieving levels of service. The project produced two deliverables. The Best Management Practices report (4237a) describes the method to select the right Asset Management Tactics (AMTs) and associated frequencies to meet a desired level of reliability. The Asset Maintenance Tactics report (4237b) includes 150 AMTs that include specific maintenance tactics applied to the various asset types found within a distribution system, and include activities such as inspecting, exercising, reconditioning, and repairing. Research partner: EPA. Published in 2015.