New Projects Funded on PFAS, Lead Service Lines, HABs, and More

Dec 6, 2021

Through the Tailored Collaboration (TC) Program, WRF partners directly with our utility subscribers on research and innovation projects. Under this program, a subscriber or group of subscribers can obtain matching funds, up to $100,000, for a research idea that they have developed. These ideas may be more specialized or regional in nature than those funded through our other research programs, but still have the potential for broader applicability. 

We are excited to announce that five TC projects have been chosen for 2021, to be carried out on a range of topics:

Pre-Proposal Title
Sponsoring Utility
Submitting Organization


Impact of UV Treatment on Microbial Communities in a Full-Scale Drinking Water Distribution System

City of Ann Arbor

City of Ann Arbor


Identifying Service Line Materials without Excavation: Distinguishing LSLs from non-LSLs

DC Water

Cornwell Engineering Group


Evaluation of Bench-Scale Methods to Predict Drinking Water PFAS Removal Performance of Ion Exchange and Novel Adsorbents at Pilot- and Full-Scale

Orange County Water District

Orange County Water District


Autonomous In Situ Monitoring of Harmful Algal Blooms

Great Lakes Water Authority

Georgia Institute of Technology


Developing Strategic Consumer Messaging for Microplastics in Drinking Water Supplies

Golden State Water Company


If you have any questions about the TC Program, please contact Kenan Ozekin, WRF Research Unit Leader.